South Carolina Apple Festival - Exhibitor's Application
  NAME: (Please Print)  
 Art or Craft Description:
 Please include:
  • Brief description, including process used-indication whether design is original and the materials used.
  • Shows in which you have exhibited.
  • Membership in Arts or Crafts Societies if any-Also awards you may have received.
  • All craft items must be listed in order to avoid duplication of specialty items.
  • Craft vendors may not sell food or drinks.
  • Booth spaces are non-transferable.
Additional information may be attached to this form or additional pages may be used.






  WILL YOU BE USING A TENT?                     SPECIAL NEEDS:  
Include photographs of your work and exhibit or booth. Please mail photographs, this application and a check for $75.00 made payable to S. C. Apple Festival. We must have this information and registration with payment no later than June 30. Send this information to:
South Carolina Apple Festival, PO Box 206, Westminster, SC 29693

Exhibitor's Agreement
The undersigned agrees that he/she will be responsible for any loss or damage to his/her work during the South Carolina Apple Festival. He/She has read and agrees to abide by all rules as set forth by the S.C. Apple Festival Officials. Application fee and photo must accompany this application. This is a rain or shine festival - No refund due to weather. The exhibitor's fee is refundable until June 30.

  EXHIBITOR'S SIGNATURE                                                                  TAX I.D. NUMBER: